Everything you need to know about the Nebeus platform, but were afraid to ask…

So, what is Nebeus and the Nebeus platform?

Nebeus is a cryptocurrency platform enabling customers to buy, sell, store, remit, lend and borrow funds in cryptocurrency.

What is the aim of Nebeus?

We want to develop an open eco-system which allows consumption and creation of financial services and products based on blockchain and smart contracts in a secure, transparent and convenient environment. Devoted to blockchain, the Nebeus team strives to develop a convenient client-oriented service with low-cost, highly efficient business processes, that can continue to meet the demands and challenges of the ever-evolving crypto-currency market.

What does that mean in a nutshell?

The Nebeus Platform is a financial eco-system founded on a simple principle – those who add value should be rewarded, and those who consume products and services should do so in a competitive and secure environment. Essentially? With today’s tools and technology, everyone should be able to issue a loan or provide an insurance.

When was Nebeus set-up – are you a startup?

We’re not a startup – we’re already a successful business with a high annual turnover. Work on the Nebeus Platform started back in 2014. It has since evolved into a successfully operating company with offices in London and Barcelona.

Why does Nebeus offer a great opportunity?

Crypto-currency is experiencing tremendous growth over the last years and is now about to migrate from early adopters to the mainstream. We are here to provide a window for the mainstream into block-chain economy.  What are the three things you believe in most – what’s your vision built on? Nebeus is creating an eco-system built on…Security Transparency and Fairness.

Can you tell us more about your team?

Members of our team come from a wide range of FinTech segments, corporate finance with the local expertise in Europe, Asia and Middle East and crypto currency knowledge. And, of course, we have celebrities and well-known people, such as Brett King – a best-selling author and futurist. We also have regional directors who are responsible for strategic development in certain parts of the world where we anticipate rapid growth.

Who is Nebeus aimed at?

To ensure all participants on the Nebeus Platform receive a service that reflects our fundamental vision, we plan to create three distinct groups: Individuals; Corporations; and Third-Parties. We want to attract application developers because we represent a strong technological product with advanced solutions. Utilising our API and SDK, we aim to develop a range of value-added solutions that are built on our platform.
We are also targeting cryptocurrency holders who are looking for an opportunity to get liquidity out of their crypto-holdings without losing out on the growth in value – they will be able to get an instant loan secured by their cryptocurrency as collateral thus getting access to fiat currency. In the past, consumers used to re-mortgage their house in order to get cash, in crypto economy consumers can do it with Bitcoin and other currencies.

Why do you think you'll do well with the ICO?

80% of ICOs are going to the market without even a prototype. We have a fully-operational business. We already have over 17,000 happy clients, with the number of transactions that went through our system is approaching 100,000 for this year alone.

How much are you looking to raise during the ICO?

We are looking to raise $30 million during our ICO and will be launched on at least 3 leading exchanges as soon as we complete the coin offering.

What does having an NBTK token allow me to do?

Token holders can get 3x leverage against the value of their holding for cryptocurrency trading; Tokens will also be freely tradable on at least three large exchanges and can be used as a means of payment within the platform. NBTK tokens can also be used as collateral on the P2P loan platform, along with other cryptocurrencies.

Is my money safe?

Yes, absolutely. Contributors in the NBTK crowd-sale are guaranteed peace of mind thanks to our escrow fund.

What are your biggest milestones so far?

We’re the market leaders in the Bitcoin loan segment. For proof, just type “Bitcoin Loan” in Google search to see how we work and what we offer. So that market position is our biggest achievement to date, and now we need support from potential investors to expand our services and grow our business.

How do people buy tokens?

People can buy our tokens instantly through the ICO site tokens.nebeus.com and with a 50% bonus during the initial stage, before the actual ICO begins on 1sr of December 2017. Please follow this link to see instruction on how to buy tokens: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOwM92Ub58w